The Post-graduate Department of Commerce and Business Administration of SSSS College of Commerce for Women, Amritsar organized a special event ‘I-Mindz-Vision, Creation & Innovation’ on September 29, 2022 at Rose Villa Hall of the College. The event comprised various contests like Business Idea, Ad-Mad Show, and Role Play for enabling the participants to explore their creative and innovative ideas and abilities in the context of business management. The event commenced with the blessings of Almighty. Ms. DavinderDeep Kaur, Service Officer, Indigo Airlines and alumna of the College, Ms. Ramya, Assistant Professor in Commerce and Ms. Varsha Arora, Assistant professor in Economics in the College were the judges for the day. About 225 students of Semester V of BCom V, BBA, BCom (FS) and MCom attended the programme.

Students presented the choreography, songs and theatrical items. Students shared startup Ideas like Meals on Demands, US2.0 for Our Better Future, and Avenir. Students performed on themes pertaining to moral values and those depicting the social issues like Gender Inequality, Drugs, Frauds pertaining to Business and Job Opportunities, influence of Social Media. Students used fascinating punch lines like- Fair Wooden Comb for Long Hair, Energy Ka Double Dose- Best Juice for promoting the products.

 S.Jagdish Singh, Honorary Secretary, congratulated the students for their performances and appreciated the opportunities the College offers for the overall development of its students While addressing the audience, Principal Dr. Navdeep Kaur said that students participation on such a platform inspires the students to explore business opportunities on their own, to have an innovative idea and ways of addressing the issues and problems that an individual may face in the society. She highlighted the relevance of individual attention, dedication and focussed involvement for the success of the individual in any field.  The students who attended the event ‘The Expressionists’ were specially recognized and were awarded the certificates on this occasion.The token of gratitude was presented to the judges also. MCom students Ms Yukta, Ms Karwal Muskan, Ms Nisha and Ms Simran shared the responsibility of planning and executing the whole event under the guidance of Dr. Payal Nanda and Dr. Samriti Kapoor.