SSSS College of Commerce is committed to provide quality education to make the just and progressive society.  The prestige of the college has been built persistently over thirty years of sustained excellence. Cooperation from the staff and students to uphold the legacy and values of the institution is, therefore, sought at all times.  The College expects exemplary behaviour from all members. The SSSSians are expected to observe the following in this regard.


  1. Every teacher must be sincere to her work. Personal interest is subordinate to the institutional interest.
  2. Every teacher must be punctual. Make it a point to reach college and your class on time every day.
  3. Leave should be availed after getting it sanctioned. However, in case of emergency teacher can report her absence in the college before 8:15 AM preferably to the concerned Head of Department or the Principal. The applications must reach the office on the same day. Application for more than two day’s leave will be forwarded to the Director’s Office.
  4. Use of mobile phone is restricted to staff room/ classrooms (for online classes, that too when absolutely necessary. Please make sure that the phone is switched off during official meetings/functions etc. Refrain from playing games or texting on the mobiles and gossiping during college hours. Avoid taking calls while moving around in Campus.
  5. Simplicity is the hall mark of SSSS.
  6. Dress up appropriately and decently. All teachers must wear white uniform (Salwar-Kameez-Dupatta) every Monday. Teachers are not allowed to wear western dresses Churidars/Parallels etc. Sleeveless/ Mega sleeves are not allowed. Hair must be tied up.
  7. Be positive, impartial and patient. Keep the students at respectable distance. Do not indulge in loose talk with students. Avoid using harsh language with the students. If the situation demands any sort of strict action against a student, kindly forward the matter to the undersigned.
  8. Teaching is an art. So while teaching ensure to kindle love for learning among students.
  9. Conduct yourself appropriately and win appreciation from students, colleagues and seniors.
  10. Learning is a continuous process. So keep learning.


  1. The staff members are advised to wear face masks, use sanitizer and wash their hands occasionally.
  2. It is suggested that the members of the staff should avoid forming close groups, sharing of food and maintain social distance.
  3. The members of the staff must get themselves fully vaccinated and should submit their vaccination certificates in the college office at the earliest.
  4. The members of the staff who are themselves sick or have been in contact with a patient should take a leave from college.

 Note: Time Table In-Charge must be informed in advance of leave.


 General Instructions

  1. Must carry your I-Card with you.
  2. Dress up yourself smartly and sensibly. Come in proper uniform on every Monday.
  3. Make sure to consult college notice boards/websites for routine information.
  4. Be punctual and regular. Make it a point to reach the college and your class on time every day
  5. Use of Mobile Phones in college campus is not allowed. However in case of emergency you can use the office telephone.
  6. Assembly in the Corridors, conversations and loud talk near the classrooms, college library and administration office is not allowed.
  7. Students are expected to attend all College Functions.
  8. Students will not bring large sums of money, debit cards, jewellery or other valuable belongings with them as the college is not responsible for any loss of their articles.
  9. Observe Civic Ethics in the playground, wash rooms etc.
  10. Entrance Gate, Girls Common Room, Computer laboratory, areas of Wash        Room are under CC-TV surveillance.
  11. Students are not permitted receive personal visitors in the College during college hours.
  12. Immediately communicate to the College Office about any change in residential address/telephone number.
  13. Students suffering from any of the contagious diseases are not allowed to attend College.
  14. Any damage to college property shall invite disciplinary action.
  15. Ignorance of any rule will not be accepted as an excuse.


  1. Wear face masks
  2. Use sanitizer.
  3. Occasional Hand washing.
  4. Carry your own water bottles.
  5. Avoid overcrowding/forming close groups (Maintain Social Distancing).
  6. Everyone above the age of 18 years must be fully vaccinated.
  7. Students who is herself sick or has been in contact with a patient should avoid coming to college.


  1. Make sure identification is clear in all communications.
  2. Don’t give out another student’s personal email address/contact number without permission.
  3. Please don’t take advantages of your connection with the other students in your online classroom to forward unsolicited emails and links.
  4. Don’t share personal information about yourself in a public online forum that could put your safety at risk.
  5. Respond to official emails/notices promptly.
  6. Don’t record videos/pictures of someone without permission.

P.S. Kindly read the instructions written in Prospectus and Moral Education Forum Booklet as well.



  1. To manage and administer the College and other institutions and to propagate the aims and objects of the society.
  2. To appoint, to remove or to accept resignation of any office bearer or any member.
  3. To construct, protect the building, furniture and other equipments of the College.
  4. To abide by the rules and regulation of the affiliating University/ State or Central/ Govt./UGC or any other Govt. Organization imparting education or giving grants to the educational institutions which may be sent to the college from time to time regarding the management etc.
  5. To do such acts as are in the interest of the college.
  6. To take all such decisions which are necessary for the management of all the institutions.




  1. The President shall preside over all meetings of the Managing Committee.
  2. He shall guide and advise the Committee in its working.
  3. He shall give decisions on every kind of point of order.
  4. He can instruct the Hony. Secretary to call a meeting or can himself call a meeting of the Managing Committee at special occasions or in an emergency.


Vice President

The Vice President shall preside over the meeting of the Managing Committee in the absence of the President and enjoys all powers of the President. In case both the President and Vice President are unable to attend a meeting, a member present in the meeting can be requested to preside over the meeting if the quorum is complete.


Honorary Secretary

  1. He shall be the Executive Head of the College.
  2. He shall manage the property of the society under advice and guidance of the Managing Committee and shall be responsible to the Managing Committee for its upkeep.
  3. He shall receive all grants from the Govt. in the name of the college and shall deposit them in the college accounts within 24 hours.
  4. He shall call meetings of the Committee in consultation with the President and issue notices for the meetings.
  5. He shall get the college accounts audited from the Chartered Accountant every year and present the same to Committee for information.
  6. He shall record minutes of the meetings in the proceeding book and get them confirmed from the Managing Committee in the next meeting.
  7. He shall execute resolutions passed by the Managing Committee.
  8. He shall maintain the accounts of the Managing Committee as prescribed under the Rules.
  9. He shall look after the day to day working of the college and shall provide guidance to the Principal in its working and in the maintenance of the building and equipment etc.
  10. He shall grant leave to the teaching staff exceeding 15 days and less than 60 days and to non-teaching staff exceeding 10 days and less than 20 days.
  11. To correspond with the Department of Education/UGC/University to take such decisions as are necessary in anticipation of the approval of the Managing Committee.



The duties of a Principal shall be:

  1. To function as the executive head of the College and exercise general control over its working.
  2. To coordinate the activities of the teaching departments in the College with a view of maintaining the academic standards at the level prescribed by the University.
  3. To ensure wholesome teacher-student relations and to promote the welfare of the students within available resources of the College.
  4. To endeavor, through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, to make the College responsive to the needs and requirements of the community it serves.
  5. To create healthy interest among the students and their parents/guardians in the growth and development of the College. The Principal shall also be expected to participate in the teaching at the College.
  6. The amalgamated fund of the college shall be utilized by the Principal in accordance with the ordinances contained in Part-A ChapterXV(v) of the Calendar Vol. III



  1. Every employee shall at all times serve efficiently, act in a disciplined manner and maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty.
  2. No employee shall except in accordance with any general or special order of the Principal or Managing Committee or in the performance in good faith of the duties assigned to him, communicate, directly or indirectly, any official document or information to any employee or to any other person to whom he is not authorized to communicate such document or information.
  3. Every employee shall observe the scheduled hours of working.
  4. Except for valid reason and/or unforeseen contingencies, no employee shall be absent from duty without prior permission of the Principal.
  5. No employee shall take part in any activity which in the judgment of the Principal is calculated to lead to indiscipline in the college.