A Research Unit has been setup in SSSS College of Commerce for Women, Amritsar under the aegis of SSSS College Managing Committee. The Research unit has been aimed at promoting research activity in the College on emerging trends in business and industry, and on socially relevant issues. The establishment of the unit is going to strengthen and promote the research aptitude amongst the faculty and students respectively.


  • To promote educational research.
  • To connect the theoretical ideas with the empirical works.
  • To conduct the research-oriented workshops/seminars.
  • To acclimatize and orient the members of faculty with the Research Ethics.
  • To orient the students with Research Ethics.

Undertaken Projects

  • Perception of parents regarding E-learning of school students during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A study of parents perception regarding challenges of the child during COVID-19 pandemic

Projects Under process

Publication of research papers in Book Khoj Samwad