Personal Contact Programme

Personal Contact Programme (PCP) is the regular programme which held every year in the beginning of the session. During PCP a panel of members of the faculty meets new student individually. The information of each student pertaining to her educational and family background as well as her interest and aptitude, career aspirations, challenges in pursuing the studies etc. is recorded. PCP helps in gauging the requirements and aspirations of our students.

Intensive Study Programme

The College has constituted a special plan to help the students excel in academics through a programme titled ‘Intensive Study Programme’ on the basis of students’ performance in class and in Mid-semester Examinations. 10-15 students with higher learning potential are selected from each class. As per intensive study plan, at least one extra class of each subject is planned. The classes of intensive study programme are optional but highly recommended since these help in enhancing the academic performance of the students.

The contents of the programme are finalized on the basis of the suggestions given by the respective subject teachers. Additional assignments having numerical problems are given to the students for ample practice. Topics, which have the higher probability of appearing in the University examinations or seem relatively difficult, are given priority in this programme. Students are advised to consult reference books for thorough study.

Remedial Classes

Remedial Classes for weak students are conducted wherein they are advised to start revision of the subjects in a planned manner. Such classes provide these students opportunity to clarify their doubts related to the curriculum and examinations. The assignments are assigned as per the learning needs of the students.

A special session is conducted for all students for providing guidance regarding presentation of the answers in the University examinations. Students are encouraged to work hard and always plan to have long term road map to a successful career in life.