Powers and functions of the Principal of affiliated colleges as per GNDU norms laid in GNDU Calendar 1999 volume 3 page 131

The Principal shall have all powers and unfettered discretion in all matters, consistent with the rules framed by competent authority, pertaining to internal administration of the college which shall comprise of the following functions:

  1. Distribution of work amongst the staff.
  2. Admission , promotion and detention of the student;
  3. Grant of fee concessions and award of stipends to deserving students;
  4. Imposition of fines and remissions thereof;
  5. Disciplinary action and imposition of penalties etc;
  6. All expenditure out of Amalgamated Fund and other students’ funds;
  7. Appointment and dismissal of servants, peons and laboratory assistants, bearers, etc;
  8. Grant of leave to the staff;
  9. Organization of all extramural activities;
  10. Temporary appointment of teaching staff up to a period of three months to meet emergency against post provided in budget for the year.

Conduct Ordinances for Teaching Staff in affiliated colleges as per GNDU norms laid in GNDU Calendar 1999 volume 4 page 27:

  1. No employee shall take part in, subscribe to in aid of or assist in any way, any movement which tends to promote feelings of hatred or enmity between different classes of subjects of Indian Union, or to disburb public peace.
  2. No employee shall stand for elections to Parliament / State Legislature or Local Bodies without the prior permission of the Managing Committee.
  3. No employee shall, except with the previous permission of the Managing Committee, own wholly or in part, or conduct or participate in editing or managing of any newspaper or any periodical, or act as correspondent of a newspaper.
  4. No employee shall in any manner criticise adversely in public the administrative actions of the Managing Committee of his college.
  5. No employee shall except in accordance with any general or special order of the Managing Committee or in the performance in good faith of the duties assigned to him, communicate, directly or indirectly, any official document or information to any employee or to any other person to whom he is not authorized to communicate such document or information.
  6. No employee shall, except with the previous sanction of the Managing Committee, engage, directly or indirectly, in any trade , occupation or business or undertake any employment. The permission of the Principal for undertaking private tuition work, which will not be more than one hour a day, will be necessary.
     No employee shall appear in an examination without obtaining prior permission of the Principal. Provided that a teacher may, without such sanction, undertake honorary work of a purely social or charitable nature or occassional work of literacy, artistic or scientific character, subject to the condition that his official duties do not thereby suffer, but he shall not undertake or shall discontinue such work if so directed by the Principal of his College, and in case of the Principal, if so directed by the Managing Committee.
    Provided that no permission shall be necessary for the examination work of this University or other Indian Universities for which additional emoluments are expected, the previous permission of the Managing Committee shall be necessary.
     No employee in an affiliated College shall write or guide or a help book or cheap notes. He shall follow the procedure laid down by the University in case he intends to publish any work.
  7. An employee shall habitual indebtness or insolvency. An employee who becomes the subject of legal proceedings for insolvency shall forthwith report the full facts to the Principal of his College.
  8. No employee shall bring or attempt to bring any outside influence to bear upon the authorities of his College to further his interest in respect of matters pertaining to his service in the College.
  9. No employee shall be a member, representative or office bearer, of any association representing or purporting to represent teachers or any class of teaching profession unless such association satisfies the following conditions:
  • its membership is confined to teachers or a distinct class of teachers and it is open to all such employees or class of employees, as the case may be;
  • it is not in any way connected with any political party or organization or does not engage in any political activity.


x. (i) Every employee shall at all times serve efficiently, act in a disciplined manner and maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty.

   (ii) Unless in any case it be expressly provided for, the whole time of an employee shall be at disposal of the College and he shall serve the College in such capacity and at such places as he may, from from time to time, be directed by the Principal/ Managing Committee of his College, subject to such conditions as may be laid down by the University.

   (iii) If a teacher, who is assigned an examination duty, either by the Local Controller of examination(Co-ordinator) or the University Office, fails to perform the same, he shall be treated as absent from his institution for the period in question,  besides  being liable to such other disciplinary action, under the rules.

  (iv) No employee in College shall apply for any other job, post or scholarship without previous sanction of the Principal of his College or in case of the Principal, without the previous sanction of the Managing Committee. Provided persons appointed on contract  basis may apply for a job or a post if the post or the job for which they are applying is to commence from a date after the expiry of the period of contract.

   (v) Save in exceptional circumstances, no employee shall absent himself from duties without having first obtained the permission of the authority provided in the leave Ordinances.

    (vi) No employee shall take part in any activity which in the judgement of Principal is calculated to lead to indiscipline in the College.

     xi. Consequent upon conversion of the Regulatios into Ordinances relating to service and Conduct of Teachers of Non-Government Affiliated Colleges by the Syndicate vide its Resolution No. 31 dated 12.4.1975 and subsequently approved by the Senate on 13.7.1975; any act done or any action taken under the Regulations till date of conversion shall be deemed to have been done or taken and validated under the Ordinances as if this Ordinances was in force from 25.10.1970.