Activities (2020-21) 

‘Mission Fateh’ against COVID-19

A virtual meeting was hosted in the college under the Project ‘Mission Fateh’ against COVID-19 on July 3, 2020. The NSS Volunteers initiated virtual awareness meet highlighting the safety measures to be followed in prevailing situation. The students prepared posters and forwarded through social media platform to spread awareness amongst general public. Also the volunteers actively promoted social distancing norms and encouraged the use of mask and sanitizer among family, friends and neighbors.

Webinar on ‘Combating Physical and Mental Health Issues during COVID-19 Pandemic

A Webinar on ‘Combating Physical and Mental Health Issues during COVID-19 Pandemic’ was organized by the college on July16, 2020.

 was hosted on Google Meet Platform and was attended by the members of Student Council and a few faculty members of the college. All the instructions to attend this webinar were given to the students through Whats App group.

Two faculty members Mrs. Priyanka Sharma (Asst. Prof. in commerce) and Dr. Moninder Kaur (Asst. Prof. in Economics) were the resource persons. Mrs. Priyanka Sharma spoke about the importance of managing stress during this pandemic. She educated the students regarding the destructive role being played by the social media to spread anxiety and stress. Thereafter Dr. Moninder Kaur suggested the right steps to be taken to manage the stress as it is very important to maintain physical and mental health. The Webinar also highlighted the lessons which this pandemic has taught us. In the end, Principal Dr. Navdeep Kaur addressed the students and faculty members and motivated them to keep working on maintaining their physical and mental strength during this pandemic.       

Inter College Online Competition ‘Noor- e- Fann : Radiance of Talent’

An inter College Online Competition ‘Noor-e-Fann : Radiance of Talent’ was organised by SSSS College of Commerce for Women, Entries were invited from various Colleges from July 17, 2020 to July 25, 2020 for the events viz. Natural Art in a shutter box (Painting), Short Movie, Sound of Soul, Dance, declamation and PowerPoint presentation. Around 50 students participated and result was declared on July 28, 2020. All the participants and winners were issued E- Certificates.


Virtual Book Launch Ceremony

A virtual book launch ceremony was organized by SSSS Group of Schools and Colleges on July 27, 2020. The book titled ‘Paigaam-e-Baba Nanak- Sri Japuji Sahib’ was released online on digital platform. The book has been published to mark the 550th ParkashPurb of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Dr. Manmohan Singh, President, SSSS College of Commerce for Women, Amritsar gave the welcome address. S. Jagdish Singh, M. Director told that the book is specially written for young learners so that they can comprehend Gurbani in simple Punjabi.  Hon’ble Justice (Retd.) S.S. Sodhi released the book in the presence of SSSS fraternity. In his address, he highlighted the importance of understanding the innate spirit of Gurbani so as to appreciate the grace of the Almighty creator. Hon’ble Justice (Retd.) S. Ranjit Singh gave the concluding remarks. Towards the end, Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Principal presented the Vote of Thanks. SardarniSwarn Kaur, S. Brahmjit Singh, S. Kuljit Singh, heads & faculty of all SSSS institutions attended the launch. The entire event was hosted by SSSS College of Commerce for Women, Amritsar.


Intra College Competition – SWADESH

An Intra College Competition ‘SWADESH’ was organised on August 14, 2020 on the eve of 73rd Independence Day. Entries were invited for two events:

  1. Performance based on the theme of independence patriotism in the form of Dance, song or an Act
  2. Online GK Quiz based on Historical facts related to independence and freedom struggle, current affairs and infotainment.

 Around 145 Students participated in both the events respectively. Result was declared on August 14, 2020 and Winners were awarded cash price. E- Certificates were awarded to all the participants.


Personal Contact Programme

Per​​sonal Contact Programme was held between August 17, 2020 to August 21, 2020 in order to promote the feelings of benevolence and trust  amongst the new students.

This programme aims at understanding the students and their aspirations in a better way so that suitable plans are made for their growth and development. A team of two members interacted with each student for the aforesaid purpose through Google meet and whatsapp mediums. The students were encouraged to express their aspirations as well as apprehensions with respect to their education and life on the whole. ​​


Online Counselling Session with DBEE

In collaboration with District Bureau of Employment and Enterprises (DBEE), Amritsar, the college organised an online group counseling session on the issues related to education, employment and self-employment was organized on August 28, 2020. Ms. Bharti Sharma, Career Counsellor, DBEE explained the working of DBEE and provided valuable information on job opportunities provided by the department. She also shared information on the job fair to be organized by the State Government in the month of September and motivated the students to enhance their soft skills. 20 final year students from B.Com and M.Com attended the session. This was indeed a useful and informative session for the students.


Bhog Sehaj Path Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Keeping in the tradition Bhog Sehaj Path was performed on September 1, 2020. S. Jagdish Singh, M. Director and all the faculty members were present at the ceremony. Soulful Hymns from ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’ were sung and Ardas was intoned by the members of the staff. S. Jagdish Singh, Director and Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Principal congratulated the staff and spoke about the rich traditions of ancient Indian culture where educational institutions were regarded as places of worship.


Faculty Development Program on ‘Digital Tools for Teachers’

An Online ‘Faculty Development Program’ was organized on ‘Digital Tools for Teachers’ on September 4, 2020 by the IQAC of the College on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. Dr. Samriti Kapoor and Mrs. Isha Arora were the resource persons. Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Principal highlighted the role of teachers in the ongoing pandemic eve which has led to a sudden shift to digital mode. She emphasized that the teachers must strive to keep a balance in lives while evolving into their new normal of online teaching and learning. Mrs. Isha Arora acquainted the faculty members with the subscription and usage of ‘National Digital Library’ and Dr. Samriti Kapoor provided hands on knowledge regarding the creation of E-Content and the usage of various tools and software’s to make the online teaching more interesting and interactive. A question and answer session was held after each discourse. Over 30 members participated in the program. The awe- inspiring involvement and enthusiasm of the faculty members for the FDP was completely overwhelming.


Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights & Patent Process

SSSS College of Commerce for Women, Amritsar organised the Webinar on ‘Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Process’ in association with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management (Government IPR Training Centre), Nagpur, Maharashtra on September 10, 2020. Mrs. Pooja Vishal Maulikar, Examiner of Patents and Design, RGNIIPM, Nagpur was the resource person. Principal Dr. Navdeep Kaur welcomed the resource person and appreciated the overwhelming response received from the participants for this webinar. The resource person elaborated the types of intellectual properties, along with process of filing for the patents, trademarks and designs. She also provided insights regarding significance of intellectual property in research and technology transfer. Faculty members, research scholars, and professionals from different institutions and organisations actively participated in this webinar. 59 students attended the session. The participants found this webinar highly knowledgeable and insightful. The event was co-ordinated by Dr. Samriti Kapoor, Dr. Payal, Mrs. Isha Arora and Mrs. Ravneet Arora.


Webinar on ‘Help People Manage their Own Money’

College organized a webinar on ‘Help People Manage their own Money’ under Financial Literacy Programme on September 12, 2020 in collaboration with SV wealth Partners, New Delhi. Mr. Shamsher Singh, a certified Financial Planner was the resource person. The resource person acquainted the students with various investment avenues, Securities and Exchange Boards of India, buying and selling of shares, mutual funds and investors’ grievance redressal mechanism. He encouraged the students to make diversified investments keeping in view its return, safety and liquidity. Around 96 students of B.Com Sem V, B.Sc (Eco) Sem V, BBA Sem V attended the webinar. The students found the entire session highly informative.


 Awareness session

Awareness session regarding the relevance of identity documents was conducted on Saturday, September 26, 2020, for the support staff of the college. During the session, it was discussed why documents like Aadhar Card, Driving license, PAN card, Voter ID, Ration card, Residence certificate are required. Participants were also guided to ensure that these records should depict the same information pertaining to name, spellings, and date of birth. The queries of the participants were also resolved.


 Online Counselling Session 

An online group counseling session on the issues related to education, employment and self-employment was organized in collaboration with District Bureau of Employment and Enterprises (DBEE), Amritsar, on September 28, 2020. Ms Bharti Sharma, Career Counsellor, DBEE apprised the students about the working of DBEE and also shared valuable information regarding the Job fair and upcoming job opportunities in government as well as private sector. She also provided information on the relevance of various skill development courses. Students were also apprised regarding the support extended by government and DBEE in exploring entrepreneurial ventures. 23 students from B.Com final year attended the session and found it highly enriching and informative.


Fit India Movement 

Under the ‘Fit India movement’ launched by Ministry of Youth and Affairs, NSS volunteers of SSSS College of Commerce participated in various activities like yoga, cycling and running from August 15, 2020 to October 2, 2020. 64 students  participated in the program. The students participated actively in cleanliness activities, tree plantation, slogan writing and poster making. Many students reported following daily exercise routine to ensure physical fitness and wellbeing. Social media platform are being used by the volunteers for creating awareness about this movement.


Webinar on ‘Road to Wealth Creation and Richness’

A webinar was organized by the Department of Commerce and Business Administration in association with PROFTRAINMENTORS LLP- A limited liability Partnership firm on October 5, 2020. Mr. Kanwaljeet Singh, CEO of the firm was the resource person. Around 61 students of B.Com Sem III attended this webinar. The resource person highlighted the importance of starting investing money early in one’s life and also guided the students regarding the various considerations to be kept in mind while selecting investment avenues. He also spoke at the length about the KYC requirements which an investor is supposed to fulfil at present. The Webinar was very informative and interesting.


Pledge ceremony 

As per the new campaign launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister regarding awareness about COVID-19, our students and teachers on October 8, 2020 have taken the pledge to commit to take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of this virus. Over 45 members participated in the program. 


Online Counselling Session 

In collaboration with District Bureau of Employment and Enterprises (DBEE), Amritsar, an online group counseling session on the issues related to education, employment and self-employment was organized on October 23, 2020. Ms Bharti Sharma, Career Counsellor, DBEE apprised the students about the working of DBEE and also about the various training programs offered for the young generation. She also provided information on the relevance of various soft skill training programs. Students were also apprised regarding the guidance and support provided by DBEE in exploring entrepreneurial ventures. 71 students from B.Sc and BCA final year attended the session. This was indeed a highly enriching and informative session for the students.


Parkash Purab Guru Ram Das Ji

Parkash Purab of Guru Ram Das Ji, the fourth Guru was observed at SSSS College of Commerce for Women, Amritsar on Sunday, November 01, 2020 with great enthusiasm and devotion. Teachers of SSSS institutions recited poems, hymns and Ardas followed by Hukamnama from Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Sardarn iSwaran Kaur wife of S. Jagdish Singh, Director also recited hymns from Gurbani and added to the spiritual fervor.  The entire atmosphere vibrated with the divine musical notes.

Jagdish Singh Ji, Director, greeted the sangat on Parkash Purab of Guru Sahib Ji. He reflected on life, legacy, philosophy and directives of the Guru Sahib and asked sangat to absorb the qualities of selfless-service, devotion and follow virtuous path shown by the Guru Sahib.

Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Principal congratulated all and urged everyone to uphold the values of truth, humanity and compassion. She thanked one and all for their presence and respective contribution for the successful conduct of the event.

Contributors to the book ‘Paigham-e-Baba Nanak’ viz. Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Mrs. Jaskiranjit Kaur, Mrs. Paramjeet Kaur, Mrs. Daljit Kaur, Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur, Ms. Twinkle and Co-Ordinators of College Magazine ‘Sifti’ Mrs. Priyanka Sharma and Mrs. Savita Khanna were honoured. “Guru Ka Langar” was served and savoured lovingly by one and all.

Sardarni Swarn Kaur, Pr. Gurpreet Singh, Pr. Satinder Singh, S. Sukhwinder Singh, Mrs. Manjit Kaur, Mrs. Arvinder Kaur, Mrs. Jaswinder Kaur, Pr. Mrs. Kalsi, Pr. Satpal Singh were also present on the occasion. Social distancing norms and regulations were observed by the sangat.


Faculty Development Programme

A Five-days Faculty Development Programme  on ‘Emerging Trends in Digital Age Teaching and Learning’ was organized in the College from November 4 to November 9, 2020. During the inaugural session, Principal Dr. Navdeep Kaur highlighted the importance of effectively using the emerging technologies to enhance teaching and learning strategies. Further Ms. Kiran, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Punjabi, explained beautifully the spiritual significance of fasting and the concept behind tradition of Karwachauth. Each day of FDP was divided in two sessions as listed below:




Resource Person

Nov. 4, 2020


How to evaluate Answer Sheets digitally

Mrs. PoojaMonga

Mrs. IshaArora


Introduction to Data Analysis

Dr. Moninder Kaur

Nov. 5, 2020


Practical Application of Statistical Software –


Ms. Harpreet Kaur Uppal


Using Google Drive

Mrs. Ashmeet Kaur

Nov. 6, 2020


Online filing of Income Tax Return

Mrs. Dilpreet Kaur


Chetna da Dharam

Ms. KiranBala

Ms. Harpeet Kaur

Nov. 7, 2020


Digital Payment of General Utilities

Ms. Manpreet Kaur


Soft Skills in Workplace

Ms. Deepika Khanna

Mrs. Deep

Nov. 9, 2020


How to avoid Plagiarism

Ms. Ramandeep Kaur

Mrs. Harbir Kaur

Everyday, the  FDP commenced with an inspiring thought and Report of the previous day’s session by one of the participants and ended with Vote of Thanks by Mrs. Ravneet Kaur, Asst. Prof. (Economics) or Dr. Samriti Kapoor, Asst. Prof. (Commerce).

On the final day of FDP, S. Jagdish Singh, M. Director, congratulated the College for undertaking such quality enhancement initiatives and encouraged for organizing more such programmes. Certificates were awarded to all the resource persons and participants during the valedictory ceremony. The entire event was coordinated by Dr. Samriti Kapoor and Mrs. Ravneet Kaur.


Bibi Raj Devi Divas

On November 10, 2020 SSSS Group of Schools and College organized a function to commemorate and salute Bibi Raj Devi, Wife of S. Sant Singh Ji, the founder of the SSSS group of institutes.  S. Jagdish Singh, Director of the institutions acclaimed Bibi Raj Devi`s sacrifice in the field of education and encouraged everyone to be truthful and righteous. The College theatre group ‘Niralam’ enacted a play entitled ‘Ilam, AkkharteJaag’ written and directed by Ms. Kiran Bala, Assistant Professor in Punjabi. The presentation by the theatre group was dedicated to Bibi Raj Devi. It depicted the desire of awareness and perceptibility of a woman to know and awaken thyself and all other around. The audience was mesmerised by the artistic and heart touching performance by the entire team. Ms. Ramya, Assistant professor in Commerce recited a poem “IhDharti De LokKuj”. Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Principal SSSS College of Commerce for Women while presenting vote of thanks paid tribute to the unparalleled sacrifices of Bibi Raj Devi Ji and highly lauded the participants of the play. Sardarni Swaran Kaur,  Dr.  Narinder  Kaur,   S. Gurpreet Singh,  S. Satinder Singh, S. Sukhwinder Singh  and  Mrs.   Arvinder Kaur graced the occasion with their benign presence. The entire staff of SSSS institutions was also present in the occasion.


Talent Show

In order to mark the auspicious occasion of Diwali, a ‘Talent Show’ was organized by the College Cultural Committee for the faculty members on November 13, 2020. Members of the staff participated and exhibited their flair in singing various light and folk songs and poetry recitation. The members displayed their joy and enthusiasm and entertained all by presenting Giddha. Principal Dr.  Navdeep Kaur lauded the commendable efforts of the entire faculty. The celebration was enjoyed whole heartedly by everyone.


Workshop on Rural Entrepreneurship Development 

Ministry of Education, Govt. of India has conducted the workshop on Rural Entrepreneurship Development’ on November 26, 2020.  Five faculty members of our college attended the workshop. Mr. Ranbir Singh Battan was the resource person who discussed about the various ways to inculcate the education spirit in the youth residing in rural areas. The main objective of the workshop was to promote rural entrepreneurship and value education.


Online Counselling Session 

In collaboration with District Bureau of Employment and Enterprises (DBEE), Amritsar, an online group counseling session on issues related to education and employment was organized on November 27, 2020. Ms Bharti Sharma, Career Counsellor, DBEE provided information regarding the working of DBEE to the students. She also apprised the students about the various training programs and computer lab facilities offered by DBEE for the young generation. Information on the various soft skill training programs and the job assistance provided by the Bureau after successful completion of the course were also shared. Students were also provided information regarding the interviews carried by private companies in the Bureau. 31 students from Semester III of B.Com (Financial Services) attended the session and found it highly enriching and informative.


Online Discussion Session on “The impact of Social Media on our lives in the contemporary times”

An online discussion session was organized by Speaker’s Forum “Spark” on November 28, 2020 for the students of BBA and B.Sc(Eco) Semester-I. The subject of the group discussion was “The impact of Social Media on our lives in the contemporary times”. 32 students attended the session. The participants shared their views regarding the pros and cons of social media with great confidence and flair. They also came up with different ideas to minimize the usage of mobile phones. The discussion lasted for about 25 minutes. Principal, Dr. Navdeep Kaur addressed the students with her words of wisdom and highly appreciated the participants. She also motivated them to participate in such discussions more often.


Pollution Control Day

On December 2, 2020, SSSS College of Commerce for Women organized a webinar on pollution control day to raise awareness among students regarding environment pollution and highlighted the need for immediate measures and massive scale to check the tremendous increases in the problem. The presentation made mentioned the loss of thousands of lives in Bhopal Gas Tragedy and pointed out the role of industries and Government to help students endured the complexity and magnitude of the issue under discuss. NSS Volunteers of the College attended the webinar.


Book Discussion Session: The Wings of Fire

A book discussion session on ‘Wings of Fire’, an autobiography of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India was organized for the students of B.Com-I(A) on December 03,2020. The session was taken by the worthy Principal Dr. Navdeep Kaur. In the session, she highlighted the early life of Dr. Kalam that how from the humble roots in Rameshwaram, he with his efforts and ideology traces rise and made a mark in his life. She motivated the students to go through his autobiography and imbibe the values within. The students found the session very interesting and fruitful.


Book Discussion Session: The Gita for Children

A book discussion session on the book ‘The Gita for Children’ was conducted on 09 December 2020. Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Principal discussed the relevance of this book and inculcated the values and teachings of Bhagvad Gita in students in order to live righteous and happy life. 48 students attended the session. The students found this session extremely helpful and inspiring.


Online Discussion Session on Communal Harmony 

On December 14, 2020, online discussion session was held on communal harmony as per the guidelines of National Foundation of Communal Harmony. NSS Volunteers has participated in this discussion. The students of B.Com, BBA and B.Com (FS) shared their views on the topic. Our worthy Principal Mam also shared her views on National integration by giving various live examples of current scenario.


Registration as a New Voter

The first year students of BCA, B.Com, B.Com FS, BBA were given a live demonstration on getting themselves registered as new voters by Mrs Pooja Monga (Asst. Prof. Dept of Computer Sci.) from 6-12-2020 to 15-12-2020. The queries of the students were duly answered. In total 160 students applied for the voter card during this online voter registration camp.  


Workshop on Soft Skills 

An online workshop on Soft Skills was organized for the students of BBA Sem-V and B.Com Sem-V(A) which were conducted on Dec 11,2020 and Dec 21,2020. The workshop was divided into two sessions. Ms. Bharti Sharma, Career Counselor, DBEE Amritsar gave insights to the aspiring students for developing and inculcating Soft Skills among them. 86 students participated in the session. Ms. Bharti illustrated how acquiring these skills is crucial for the professional as well as the personal development of the students. She also threw light on the various issues faced during various stages of the professional life and discussed different means to overcome them. The participants found the sessions very interactive and meaningful. They learned to develop Soft Skills through simple yet effectual ways.


Online Quiz Competition ‘Model Code of Conduct’ 

On December 21, 2020 an online quiz competition was conducted by District election Ofice, Amritsar. Students from different classes viz. BCA Sem-III & V, B.Com (FS) Sem-I, B.Com Sem-I participated in the quiz. The topic of the quiz was “Model Code of Conduct”. The quiz was organized under the constitution based democracy mission of Election Commission of India.


Book Discussion Session : ‘How we can be kings even without kingdom’

A book discussion session was organized for the students of BBA Semester-III on December 24, 2020. The resource person for the session was Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Principal, SSSS College of Commerce for Women. She discussed the famous book with the students title ‘How we can be kings even without kingdom’ written by Devdutt Pattanaik. By referring the content of the book she motivated the students that how individuals can realize their potential and achieve lasting success. Around 20 students attended the session and they find this session interesting and fruitful.


Online Counselling Session

In collaboration with District Bureau of Employment and Enterprises (DBEE), Amritsar, an online group Counselling session on various employment opportunities was organized on December 28, 2020. Ms. Bharti Sharma, Career Counsellor, DBEE apprised the students regarding the working of DBEE and various programs offered by the bureau. Information on the various soft skill training programs, job assistance, library facility and foreign education assistance provided by the Bureau were also shared. The resource person also informed the students about the helpline numbers for career and education related queries. Students were also provided information regarding the job fairs organized by the Punjab Government. 34 students from B.Com Semester V (B) attended the session. The session was indeed highly enriching and informative for them.


Yuva Parvasi Bharti Divas (Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports)

On January 8, 2021 the ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has celebrated the Indian Youth from across the globe (Yuva Parvasi Bharti Divas 2021) via live Facebook media. Ms. Ruchi Joshi EMCEE coordinated the whole event. The experts from various national and international levels shared their views on different types like Diversity in Technology, Employability skills, International Development etc. Mrs. Priyanca from Dubai, Dipty Chander from Canada, Arun Sandeo, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Ranjit Kaur (India) Palash Gupta USA were the main spekaers of the event.


Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship

Mahatami Gandhi, National Council of Rural Education (MGNCRE), Deptt. Of Higher Education, Govt. of India organized a workshop on Social Entrepreneurship for the students and faculty on January 9, 2021. Ms. Divya Chhabra, Project Officer, MGNCRE was the resource person. She threw light on the concept of Social Entrepreneurship and its contribution towards society. She spoke about various activities being undertaken in rural areas in order to promote social entrepreneurship. The resource person asked the students to think out of box by creating jobs out of regular activities such as stitching, dancing, cooking etc. She concluded that to be a job creator not job seeker in the need of the hour.


National Youth Parliament Festival

The valedictory session of the second National Youth Parliament Festival was organized in the Central Hall of the Parliament on 11 January, 2021. College student council members and students of B.Sc (Eco)Sem3rd, B.Com Sem 1st Section A  attended the session virtually through a link ( shared by the government. The hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi addressed the gathering through video conferencing. The main objective of this festival was to create a platform wherein youth can interact in formal and informal settings and exchange their social and cultural uniqueness. Students found the session inspiring and interesting. 


Career Counselling Session

A career counseling session was organized at Lafani- The seminar Hall of the College on January 11, 2021. Mrs. Jaskiranjit Kaur, Head, Dept. of Commerce and business Administration, Mrs. Ravneet Arora, Asst. Prof, Dept. of Economics and Ms. Kawaljit Kaur, Asst. Prof, Dept. of Computer Science acted as resource person. The session was attended by students of Govt. School, Shivala Road, Amritsar. The experts from different deptts. apprised and guided the students regarding stream selection, career guidance and admission norms. The queries of the students were handled by the expert resource person and students were further informed about appropriate career choices as per their choices. The students found the session highly useful and informative.


Quiz on Moral Education Certificate Course

SSSS College of Commerce for Women has initiated a Moral Education Certificate course for the students. To enable the students to complete the course an online quiz was held for students on Monday, January 11, 2021. There were 50 questions framed by team of four faculty members. The time limit to attempt the quiz was 30 minutes. 202 students qualified for the certificate.


Money Matters (Economics Quiz)

The Department of Economics has conducted on online quiz on ‘Money Matters’ which was held on January 12, 2021. There were 50 questions covering different areas related to Economics statistics and current awareness. The duration of the quiz was 30 minutes. 59 students from various classes viz. B.Com, B.Com (FS), B.Sc(Eco) and BBA participated in the quiz competition and the following students were declared winners:-

Karishma Arora          B.Com Sem-I(B) 1st
Manpreet Kaur BBA Sem-I 2nd
Jaskirat Kaur  B.Com Sem-V(B) 3rd


Webinar on ‘Company Secretary (CS) as Career Opportunity’

Department of Commerce and Business Administration of the College organized a webinar tilted ‘Company Secretary (CS) as career opportunity on January 15, 2021. Students of B.Com( FS) Sem-I and Sem-III, B.Com Sem-V and BBA Sem-V attended the session. College alumni, CS Rohini Chohan, Chairperson, Amritsar Chapter apprised the students about the course content, enrolment process, fee structure and examination schedule for the CS exams in a very effective manner. She also acquainted the students about the job prospects after completing CS. Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Principal also encouraged and motivated the students to pursue CS as a career. Students found the session highly interesting and useful.


National Voters’ Day Celebrations

On the occasion of National Voter day 25 January 2021, a Pledge taking ceremony took place related to casting vote sincerely by one an all. 80 students and the faculty members took Pledge in three sessions on this day.   


Webinar on COVID 19 and Mental Health

A Webinar on “COVID 19 and Mental Health” was organised by IQAC on January 27, 2021 in collaboration with Sun Pharma Laboratories Limited. Dr. Piyush Mahajan, Psychiatrist, Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Vallah, Amritsar, was the resource person for the webinar. He spoke on the various mental health concerns which can arise due to job loss and income insecurity during the pandemic period. The resource person also shared mindful strategies to cope up with stress and anxiety and addressed the myths related with the COVID vaccine. All members of the faculty and student council committees attended the session and participated actively in the Q & A session.


Online Counselling Session on ‘Interview Preparation’

An online counselling session on ‘Interview Preparation’ was organized on January 29, 2021 in collaboration with District Bureau of Employment and Enterprises. Ms. Bharti Sharma, Career Counsellor, DBEE was the resource person. She spoke about the relevance of communication skills and shared important tips for interview preparation. She also talked about good manners and body language while appearing for an interview. 26 students attended the session. It was indeed a useful session for the students.  


Workshop on ‘Financial Modelling’

Department of Commerce And Business Administration of the college organised an online workshop on “Financial Modelling” on January 29, 2021. Students of B.Com Sem 5th, BBA Sem 5th, M.Com Sem 1st and 3rd and B.Com Sem 3rd (FS) attended the workshop. Alumna DR. Parminder Kaur Bajaj, Professor JIIMS (Jagan Institute of Management Studies), New Delhi was the resource person. She appraised the students regarding the concepts like Discounted Cash Flows, Nesting Function, Pivot Tables etc. She also encouraged the students to opt Financial courses available on digital platforms like SWAYAM, UDEMY, COURSERA, Principal, Dr. Navdeep Kaur appreciated her academic growth and achievements. The resource person actively handed queries of participants.


Webinar on AIDS Awareness

Red Ribbon Club of the college organized a webinar on AIDS Awareness on January 30,2021. Dr. Savita Sharma, Medical officer, HIV department , Amritsar was the resource person. Dr. Savita made the students aware of how to protect themselves and prevent the transmission of HIV. She also handled the queries of the students relating to its early symptoms, medical treatment available etc in a very effective manner . 80 Students BBA Sem-I, B.Sc Sem-I and BCA Sem-I attended the session . Ms. Prishika Gulati of BBA Sem-I presented the vote of thanks to the resource person.  


Visit to Punjab and Sind Bank

The students of B.Com Sem 1st (FS) visited Punjab and Sind Bank, SSSS Branch on January 30, 2021 . Mr. Vijay Thakur , Manager, explained various types of accounts and loans given by bank. He also acquainted the students with opening of bank accounts. Mr. Vijay answered all the queries raised by the students regarding the difference in saving and recurring account. Seven students also opened saving bank account. He also provided information regarding the different banking softwares used in Public and Private sector Banks.   


 Ardas Divas

As per the tradition of the College, Bhog of Sehaj Path was performed on March 01, 2021 to seek the blessings of Waheguru. Hymns from Gurbani were recited by the Staff members. Few students of Junior Wing also attended the Ardas Divas. Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Principal, acknowledge and appreciated the efforts of the members who performed the Gurmat Seva.


e-EPIC Programme Roll out Launch

e-EPIC campaign was conducted by District Election Officer-cum-Deputy Commissioner, Amritsar. The students who had already registered themselves as ‘new voters’ downloaded their e-EPIC numbers. The report regarding the number of students who availed the facility was submitted with the above mentioned office dated March 05, 2021.


Career Counselling Session

SSSS College of Commerce for Women, Amritsar organized Career Counselling Session for Class XII students on March 09, 2021 in two shifts from 11:30am to 12:30pm and 02:00pm to 03:00pm. Principal, Dr. Navdeep Kaur in her address enlightened the students to take judicious decision for choosing the career as per their potentialities and the goal they want to achieve. The Resource persons from Department of Commerce, Economics and Computer Science threw the light on various courses viz. B.Com, B.Com(Hons.),, B.Sc(Eco),  BCA, BBA; eligibility criteria and job prospective. Queries of the students were resolved at the end of the session.


Lecture on Anemia and Diabetes

SSSS College of Commerce for Women, Amritsar celebrated Women’s Day on March 09, 2021 in its premises by organizing a lecture on the theme ‘Anemia and Diabetes’. Dietitian Mrs. Harpreet Kaur from Jain Nursing Hospital was the resource person. She emphasized on including different types of food in proportion in diet to meet the requirement of the body.  During interaction she encouraged the students to include vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and whole grains and to intake iodized salt and limit the consumption of sodium and simple sugar as these increase the ability of body and to fight or resist the diseases. Mrs. Mehak, Coordinator of the event and student representatives welcomed the resource person by presenting a bouquet, a token of love by the College. The session ended by resolving the queries of audience. Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Principal presented a token of gratitude to the guest speaker.


Medical Facility Drive

SSSS College of Commerce for Women, Amritsar organized a medical facility drive in collaboration of Amandeep Hospital, Amritsar on March 18, 2021. During the event special cards namely Family Privilege Card were issued to the members of Staff to enable them to avail a wide range of medical services with special privileges at discounted prices. These cards were issued free of charge and comprise a comprehensive offer to the whole family of the Card holder.