General Instructions

  1. Must carry your I-Card with you.
  2. Dress up yourself smartly and sensibly. Come in proper uniform on every Monday.
  3. Make sure to consult college notice boards/websites for routine information.
  4. Be punctual and regular. Make it a point to reach the college and your class on time every day
  5. Use of Mobile Phones in college campus is not allowed. However in case of emergency you can use the office telephone.
  6. Assembly in the Corridors, conversations and loud talk near the classrooms, college library and administration office is not allowed.
  7. Students are expected to attend all College Functions.
  8. Students will not bring large sums of money, debit cards, jewellery or other valuable belongings with them as the college is not responsible for any loss of their articles.
  9. Observe Civic Ethics in the playground, wash rooms etc.
  10. Entrance Gate, Girls Common Room, Computer laboratory, areas of Wash        Room are under CC-TV surveillance.
  11. Students are not permitted receive personal visitors in the College during college hours.
  12. Immediately communicate to the College Office about any change in residential address/telephone number.
  13. Students suffering from any of the contagious diseases are not allowed to attend College.
  14. Any damage to college property shall invite disciplinary action.
  15. Ignorance of any rule will not be accepted as an excuse.


  1. Wear face masks
  2. Use sanitizer.
  3. Occasional Hand washing.
  4. Carry your own water bottles.
  5. Avoid overcrowding/forming close groups (Maintain Social Distancing).
  6. Everyone above the age of 18 years must be fully vaccinated.
  7. Students who is herself sick or has been in contact with a patient should avoid coming to college.


  1. Make sure identification is clear in all communications.
  2. Don’t give out another student’s personal email address/contact number without permission.
  3. Please don’t take advantages of your connection with the other students in your online classroom to forward unsolicited emails and links.
  4. Don’t share personal information about yourself in a public online forum that could put your safety at risk.
  5. Respond to official emails/notices promptly.
  6. Don’t record videos/pictures of someone without permission.

P.S. Kindly read the instructions written in Prospectus and Moral Education Forum Booklet as well.