BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

A three year degree course especially designed to cater to the growing demand of computer graduates with adequate competence in programming and analytical skills. This course incorporates the subjects almost at par with computer engineering courses. It provides basic knowledge in subjects like digital electronics, numerical methods, data structures and thorough knowledge of computer architecture, networks & information technology. It also covers a basic course in communication skills as a part of first year syllabus.

Semester – I

  • Introduction to Programming – C 
  • Introduction to Computers and Information Technology
  • Applied & Discrete Mathematics
  • Communication Skills in English – I
  • Punjabi (Compulsory) / Basic Punjabi / Punjab History & Culture
  • Practical–I (MS Office 2010 and Basic C Programming)

Semester – II

  • Introduction to Programming – C++
  • Principles Of Digital Electronics
  • Numerical Methods & Statistical Techniques
  • Communication Skills in English – II
  • Punjabi (Compulsory) / Basic Punjabi / Punjab History & Culture
  • Practical – I (Advanced C++ Programming)
  • Drug Abuse : Problem, Management and Prevention (Compulsory)

Semester – III

  • Computer Architecture
  • Database Management System 
  • Introduction to Python Programming
  • Programming Lab – Python
  • Programming Lab – Oracle

Semester – IV

  • Data Structure & File Processing
  • Information Systems
  • Internet Applications
  • System Software
  • Environmental Studies – II (Compulsory)
  • Lab – Data Structures implementation using C++
  • Lab – Web Designing and use of Internet

Semester – V

  • Software Engineering
  • Web Technologies 
  • Operating System
  • JAVA Programming Language
  • Lab based on JAVA Programming Language
  • Lab based on website designing using HTML, JavaScript and PHP

Semester – VI

  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Networks
  • Lab. Implementation of Applications of Computer Graphics in C++/C
  • Project


A graduate in computer applications is suitable for employment as a web designer/ web multimedia programmer/ network and system administrator/ database administrator/ software programmer.


Eligible for admission in MCA/MBA/M.SC (Comp Science/IT), Masters in software.