The College of Commerce has initiated a project “Tech Forum” for developing the IT skills of the students and staff as well. Under this scheme workshops/seminars are conducted by the faculty members from the Department of Computer Science on the topics which are of common practical application in professional life. Two hour Sessions are held every Saturday comprising presentation, demonstration and guidance on one to one basis to facilitate the learning process of each participant.

The particulars of the sessions held in the Academic Year 2019-20 are as follows:

Date Class Topic Resource Person
January 10, 2020 M.Com Sem IV Spoken Tutorial ·   Mrs. Pooja Monga

·   Mrs. Monika Shahi

January 18, 2020 BCA Sem II

BSc Sem IV

Comparison between C and C++

(Programming Language Concepts)

·   Mrs. Ashmeet Kaur

·   Ms. Devika Sharma

January 25, 2020 BCA Sem IV Static Website Development ·   Ms. Kawlajit Kaur

·   Mrs. Isha Arora

February 01, 2020 BBA Sem II Types of SQL Statements:

(DDL and DML)

·   Ms. PreetKawal Kaur

·   Mrs. Monika Shahi

February 08, 2020 BSc Sem VI Sharing data from common drive ·   Mrs. Pooja Monga

·   Ms. Komalpreet Kaur

February 15, 2020 B.Com Sem VI-A Disk Operating System

Internal and External Commands

·   Mrs. Monika Shahi

·   Ms. Kawaljit Kaur

February 22, 2020 B.Com Sem VI-B Disk Operating System

Internal and External Commands

·   Mrs. Monika Shahi

·   Mrs. Ashmeet Kaur

February 29, 2020 BCA Sem II and IV Assembly of Computer Hardware ·   Mrs. Ashmeet Kaur

·   Ms. Kawaljit Kaur

March 7, 2020 B.Com Sem - II(B) Different methods to save your PowerPoint presentation to pen drive, CD, E-Mail

(Uploading and downloading)

·  Mrs. Pooja Monga

·  Mrs. Ashmeet Kaur


March 21, 2020 Faculty Members Hardware connection to CPU and Laptop ·  Mrs. Pooja Monga

·  Mrs. Monika Shahi