Earn While You Learn

It is a scheme initiated to promote the concept of experiential learning and facilitate the students to be self-dependent. This scheme is an incentive for the interested students enrolled in a post-graduate course in Commerce to work on a part-time basis in the College and earn money to partly finance their education.

They are offered opportunities to work on teaching/research-based assignments or to assist in the library or IQAC unit of the College.

The Students beneficiaries of this scheme so far have been as follows:

Name Class and Session
Ms. Ritika

M.Com (2023-24)

Mrs. Saranpreet Kaur

M.Com (2023-24)

Ms. Palwinder Kaur

B.Com(FS) (2022-23)

Ms. Nishta

B.Com(FS) (2022-23)

Ms. Shivani

P.G. Certificate Course in GST (2022-23)

Ms. Megha M.Com (2022-23)
Ms. Prabhpreet Kaur M.Com (2022-23)
Ms. Yukta Sharma M.Com (2021-22)
Ms. Rajdeep Kaur M.Com (2021-22)
Ms. Sukhpinder Kaur M.Com (2021-22)
Ms. Menka M.Com (2019-20)
Ms. Shyamli M.Com (2019-20)
Ms. Gagandeep Kaur BBA (2019-20)
Ms. Kajal M.Com (2019-20)
Ms. Ujala M.Com (2019-20)
Ms. Ramya M.Com (2016-17)
Ms. Twinkle M.Com (2016-17)
Ms. Richa M.Com (2016-17)