Students of post graduate department of college participated enthusiastically in the ‘Ad-Mad Show’ held on October 17, 2017 in the college hall. The show provided the students platform to show case their talent in the form of role play in the field of advertisement. Fourteen teams each consisting of five to six students were constituted. Each team was evaluated on the basis of creativity and practicality of ideas, presentation skills and the time taken for the completion of the advertisement. The students tried to convince and modify the perception of the audience about the products such as detergent, food stuff, soft drinks, hair oil, internet package, foot-wears and other consumer goods on the basis of price, features, trend, brand loyalty and other reasons using fascinating punch lines like ‘Jiyo Befikar , Jiyo Ji Bhar Ke’, ‘Piyo Yummy Yum, Na Ho Nutrient Cum’, ‘ Want A Shine Try Shine’ , ‘Sambuja Chocalate Jo Rishto Me Laye Mitthas’ and many more. Students endeavour to reach out to consumer and offer them persuasive information was very encouraging and remarkable. Director S.Jagdish Singh Ji appreciated thought provoking ideas and the performance of the students. Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Principal, reminded students for observing the ethics of marketing at all cost in today’s era of cut-throat competition.