In a heartfelt and poignant gathering, a special session of Goshthi was convened on September 22, 2023, to bid farewell to two esteemed members of our faculty, Ms. Kiran and Ms. Harpreet Kaur, who have embarked on new journeys in their lives. The event was a testament to the deep impact they’ve left on our college community.
The proceedings commenced with touching farewell speeches delivered by several faculty members who shared their cherished experiences of working alongside these departing individuals. Mrs. Jaskiranjit Kaur touched upon Ms. Kiran’s exceptional kindness and her ability to forge genuine connections with staff members, as well as the infectious positivity and charm embodied by Ms. Harpreet Kaur.
Mrs. Pooja celebrated the remarkable contributions of both Ms. Kiran and Ms. Harpreet Kaur to the cultural fabric of our college. She also honored them with a heartfelt poem, a beautiful expression of the love and admiration we all hold for them.
Dr. Payal added a touch of poetic wisdom, reciting a self-composed poem that captured the profound intellectual exchanges she shared with Ms. Kiran.

Dr. Navdeep Kaur, our esteemed Principal, lauded the unwavering work ethic, focus, and resilience exhibited by these departing members in fulfilling their roles. She emphasized the unique talents and qualities that have forever etched their place in the hearts of the college community.

In gracious acknowledgment, Ms. Kiran and Ms. Harpreet expressed their gratitude to the College authorities for believing in their abilities and offering unwavering support throughout their tenure. As a gesture of love and blessings, they were presented with saplings, symbolic of the growth and flourishing they’ve nurtured during their time here.

The event culminated in a warm gathering over tea, where the spirit of positivity and connection continued to resonate among all present.

This special Goshthi session served as a heartfelt tribute to two remarkable individuals, marking the beginning of new chapters in their lives while reaffirming the enduring bonds they’ve cultivated within our college community.