IQAC of College organized Faculty Development Lecture on March 14, 2019. The theme of the program was to discuss the disconnects between education and skills required for employment in todays’ techno-savvy dynamic environment. The Key speakers of the lecture were Dr. Parmood Shreshtha and Mr. Gajendra Shreshtha. The Key speakers talked about the evolution of education from monologue to dialogue to skill oriented teaching learning. Dr. Parmood Shreshtha highlighted the similarities between the philosophical bases of Sikhism and Buddhism, how both religion emphasize on serving the community for the welfare of mankind. Mr. Gajendra Shreshtha talked about the role of women in planning and decision making and passion and pride with which they accomplish their task successfully. Director S. Jagdish Singh Ji; President Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji presented Siropas and mementos as token of gratitude to the Guest speakers. Principal Dr. Navdeep Kaur presented vote of thanks and also highlighted various programmes which are being run in SSSS College.