A lecture titled ‘Body Percussion Around The World’ was organized in the college on March 1, 2019. Dr. Gregorio Vicente Nicolas, Professor, Department of Art, Music and Physical Education, University of Murcia (Spain), acted as the Resource Person. He discussed the role of dance in various spheres of life. He highlighted the functions and uses of body percussion in rituals, games, social inclusion and social exclusion. Several videos of folk dances of many countries i.e. New Zealand, Hungary, Spain, Australia were shown to the audience. These videos exemplified the use of body percussion as an expression of human emotions, culture and a way of channelizing the energy. The students really enjoyed the session and also tried the body percussion with hands. Students learnt how they can use body percussion for Social inclusion. Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Principal delivered the vote of thanks. Quoting references from Gurbani, she urged the students to respect the first and foremost instrument nature has blessed us with viz. physical body to lead a joyous and healthy life.