Department of Mathematics of SSSS College of Commerce for Women, Amritsar organized Mathematics Day on March 22, 2022. Infact National Mathematics Day is celebrated every year on 22 December to commemorate the birth anniversary of great Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan for his substantial contribution to the world of Mathematics. But this year due to covid restrictions, classes were held online and thenceforth, it has been celebrated on March 22, 2022. About 136 students attended the event. Eleven students presented their presentation on topics including symmetry, dimensions, mathematics and religion, mathematics and photography, discovery of zero and biography of different mathematicians. Students appraised the audience with the importance of mathematics in different disciplines of life. Mrs. Jaskiranjit Kaur, Head Department of Commerce, Ms. Harpreet Kaur Uppal, Head Department of Economics and Mrs. Isha Arora, Assistant Professor in Computers acted as the judges to assess students’ performance during the event. Ms. Harpreet Kaur of B.Sc. Sem-II and Ishita Sharma of B.Com Sem-VI conducted the event under the guidance of Mrs. Vijay Laxmi and Mrs. Neetu Vinod. Principal Dr. Navdeep Kaur applauded the creativity of the students. She congratulated all the students and apprised them about the significance of mathematics in life apart from academics.